High Ridge Software LLC
Application Design

You have a great idea for an application. We have the ability to convert that idea into a concrete list of requirements.

Application Development

We have the tools and skills to create your application and see it successfully deployed in the application marketplaces.

Complete Implementaion

If required, our implementation can extend to the cloud as well -- whether it is your own cloud service or integration with social media such as Facebook or Twitter.


Our experience in mobile application development results in quality application development. Our existing familiarity with native device features and how to access them enables us to choose the best options for a given application. In addition, we are able to focus on the application versus learning new APIs


Our years of embedded development experience, results in higher performing applications. Truly understanding subjects such as resource management, proper threading, etc. equates to applications that are stable and awesomely responsive.


We can help you decide on the best technology for your application. Sometimes that technology is native components, sometimes it is HTML5, and often it is a mix. We can help you get the most bang for your investment.